Dodge Diesel Transmission Repair



Slipping, shuttering, overheating, no reverse, no forward gears, leaking, no lock up, soft shifting, have to let off throttle to up shift.

Things to know:

Our transmissions are built with higher line pressure which makes the transmission last much longer due to less wear on the clutches/internal components of the transmission.  You will notice a slight increase in shift “feel”.  This can be adjusted but as our standard we do increase it over stock for better performance.

Every transmission we sell must be serviced after 3,000 miles for warranty purposes.

Even our Stage 1 transmission is substantially built better than stock, we do NOT offer a stock built transmission simply due to the fact its not worth putting back in no matter the application of the truck.

Please call with any questions, we can handle your 47RH, 47RE, and 48RE transmission with no problem!


68RFE Transmission

While we have not started building these in house yet, based on our experience these transmission seem to be working out pretty well so far.  If any modifications to the truck are made we highly recommend a transmission tune as a base and then continuing onto billet torque converter and HD valve body next.



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