Dodge Cummins Repair and Maintenance

1989 to current

Oil change, oil leak repair, tappet cover gasket repair, turbo replacement, turbo upgrades, P7100 repair and upgrade, head gasket repair, killer dowel pin fix, radiator replacement, custom tuning, exhaust upgrades, front end/ball joints, 3 piece exhaust manifolds, VP44 repair, overhead/valve train adjustment, Air Dog install.

We highly recommend Air Dog/Fass systems on all trucks even in complete stock form.  These lift pumps are worth the investment hands down due to the reliability and simplicity of maintenance.  They GREATLY improve the life of the injection pump due to better filtration and constant correct pressure (especially on VP44/2nd gen. trucks).  Its the first thing we recommend to any customer when purchasing a new Cummins.


Everyone loves tunes, let us hook you up with a single tune or a flip chip tune with tunes varying from stock to race.  We have had many happy customers with these tunes installed.

Small list to name a few things we do with the Cummins, we go from stock mild to wild with these trucks so if you don’t see what exactly you’re looking for give us a call!

We daily drive and race these trucks and have the experience to keep your dodge running as it should.


We have installed turbos on all Cummins, including the compound set up on a brand new 2018 Cummins (as well as compound set ups on previous generations).  We have a very broad knowledge on what turbo you need with what injectors and for the application you’re looking to be using it in.  Call us with any questions!

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