Dodge Cummins Injectors

We do injector replacement on all Cummins 1989-Present


Common rail fuel injectors 5.9L and 6.7L

2003 and up

Once Cummins went to Common rail fuel injection the pressures of the fuel line went up high enough so when the spray pattern goes bad (bad injector) it will harm the engine.  These new injectors are a lot more sensitive and don’t last as long at the old injectors due to their tighter clearances/how they are built (also depends a lot on the fuel and maintenance of the fuel system as well).  Due to this we typically see 2003 and up injectors needing to be done every 100-150k miles depending on the truck.


White smoke, White smoke cold or at idle, Loss of power, Loss of fuel economy, Knock or rattle coming from engine, Hard start

*If any of these symptoms are present address quickly to avoid piston ring failure/internal engine damage*


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