Diesel: Cummins and Powerstroke Services

While we service all kinds of gas vehicles and trucks we have a broad knowledge and understanding of diesels as well, specifically Cummins and Powerstrokes.

Cummins:  From the 1st generation Cummins trucks to the new 5th generation Cummins trucks we have you covered.  Whatever your needs may be we can help you build or repair whatever you may need on these Cummins.  We have extensive knowledge on the 2nd gen. 12 valve and 24 valves, ranging from benching p-pumps, redoing heads (for performance or stock), turbo swaps/upgrades/compound turbos, and entire engine overhauls.


Another service we are proud to provide is complete 47RE, 47RH, and 48RE transmission builds; from stock, tow, to full race transmissions. These transmissions were used in 2nd and 3rd gen Dodge Cummins trucks.  While they work sub-adequately for stock engines, they quickly fall victim to even slight power enhancements.  Whether you make money daily using your rig to tow or to go on the track every weekend, a strong transmission is mandatory to keep reliability up and mishaps down.

Powerstrokes: From the early OBS Ford Powerstrokes to the new 6.7L Powerstrokes, we can help you with your performance and stock replacement needs.  Having zoned in a lot on the 7.3L OBS (94-97) and 7.3L (99-early 03) we can help with not only simple diagnostic but all the way to injectors, turbos, and performance tuning.

Food for thought:

We HIGHLY recommend the CP4 disaster prevention kit for all 2011 and up 6.7L trucks.  These pumps are not getting the proper lubrication from the new ultra low sulfur diesel now at fuel stations.  This kit adverts all the parts form the blown pump away from the fuel lines and injectors saving you money for when (not if) the CP4 pump goes out internally.

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