Transmissions, Turbos, injectors, manifolds, and heads galore!

We off a wide variety of options to get your vehicle where you want it. It is very realistic to get a Cummins powered Dodge in the 500 RWHP without spending a fortune. Going above that is an easy enough task, but just like everything else it cost more money. Depending on what you want to do with our truck will depend on what set up you need. Call today with what you want to do and we can give you a personal recommendation. We have personal experience from turning up P-Pump trucks to putting compound turbo set ups and 2G manifolds on the new common rail 4th gen trucks!

  1. One common problem we run into is people put the horse in front of the carriage, and by this we mean, customers start adding power with a stock transmission. First thing we recommend is getting a quality built transmission to sustain the power, either from us or another rebuttal shop.*START WITH A PROPERLY BUILT TRANSMISSION*.
  2. Another common problem we see is people get the wrong injector, or wrong injector/turbo combination for their application. Too big of an injector causing hazing and poor drivability. Too small and you’re losing power. Research or call with any concerns in order to get the best combination that will work for you. Bigger isn’t always better if not incorrectly
  3. Cummins bottom ends are extremely resilient but the heads have more to be desired. Valve springs, head studs, fire rings (etc.) and head work can be needed depending on power desired.
  4. Exhaust manifolds – we recommend putting the 3 piece manifold on even stock trucks whenever you can. We see many start to crack and warp. The 4th/5th gen. manifolds seem ok so far, but time will tell. We recommend them for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gen trucks.

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